1. waqasskhalid

    ✅ USA Dedicated Server with DDos Protection & 1Gbps Port - Paypal, CC, BTC

    After success in shared and vps hosting, Host Mayo now brings fast dedicated servers range. Host Mayo has been associated with hosting indusrty since 2015 and is serving clients satisfactorily throught out the globe . Today we bring LA (USA) based Ddos protected, 1Gbps port dedicated servers...
  2. Z

    Zenith Hosting | 10+ locations | VPS starting @$5 | On a budget? We got you!

    Hello VPSboard! Hope you all are doing good. I'm William from Zenith Hosting and would like to present our brand new offers on VPS and Dedicated servers!  Exciting offers are listed below and now we are also accepting BitCoin and PayPal. You can a VPS at $5 ! Isn't that cheap?! So what...
  3. Sonwebhost

    VPS Gold $20.00 Per Month

    VPS Gold $20.00 Per Month   OS Template CentOS-6-x86_64 Disk Size [GB] 25 RAM [MB] 1024 Burst RAM [MB] 1536 IP Addresses 1 Bandwidth 1TB Our Website URL: Your VPS Data Center Location ★ North Carolina, USA VPS Features ★ OpenVZ ★ 24/7 Technical Support...
  4. B

    Low performance dedi for backup, preferably outside US

    Looking for a low performance dedi primarily for backup and for testing, if OpenVZ works. Atoms will be fine. 4GB RAM preferred 2TB HDD 5TB @ 100Mbps (Gigabit with same bandwidth will be great) /29 IPv4 IPv6 Billing Period: Semiannually Price Range: Around $75 Semiannually I had...
  5. B

    Budget Dedi requirement >4GB RAM, Supports Virtualization

    Hi, I am in need for a budget dedi with the following specs minimum: A decent CPU supporting virtualization 4GB RAM or more 1TB HDD; If RAID support, better 100Mbps unmetered or 1Gbps with atleast 5TB 4 or 5 usable IPv4 IPv6; native will be better Location: Anywhere with good...
  6. Sonwebhost

    Website Review

    Hi, how are you, if your not too busy can you review my website and give me some feedback like plans, and pricing, and so on thanks in advance. 
  7. Sonwebhost

    Intel Core I7 3770K w/ RAID From Sonwebhost

    Intel Core I7 3770K w/ RAID From Sonwebhost Intel Core I7 3770K w/ RAID  - 4 Cores/8 Threads 3.4GHz/3.9GHz Turbo 32 GB DDR3 2x2TB 2TB 7,200 RPM SATA 6.0Gb/s 20TB Monthly Transfer 1 Gbit Network Linux/Windows OS Available  5 usable IPv4 Address /64 IPv6 Address Block Location: Kansus City...