1. drmike

    Raspberry Pi Useful Distro List -Holiday Escape

    I know we have guys with Pi's and wide interests.  With the holidays, some of us actually get some peace and quiet, and it's a great time to get that idle gear you bought this year doing something useful.  Raspberry Pi's are probably sitting around unused by many of us, so I thought why not...
  2. drmike

    Crunchbang Linux is Back!

    I know a lot of the folks around here were fans of Crunchbang distro... for older hardware, minimalist GUI, etc. Crunchie tossed in the towel earlier this year.  For a long time the dev and releases were really delayed. Someone else has picked up Crunchbang and running with it for the future...
  3. vanarp

    Suggest a distro for my netbook

    I have a HP mini netbook with Atom N2800 processor and 2GB RAM. It came pre-installed with Win7 starter (32-bit) and it works great. With my itching to use Linux, I installed Linux Mint 13 (XFCE) as dual boot and it works fine. But I cannot feel it as smooth as Win7 runs. Running Linux Mint...