1. drmike

    Convert Debian to a Reusable Portable Image

    I am interested in converting my Debian install into an image I can open up and run inside some virtual environment.  Virtualbox would be fine, but Xen would be more ideal.  This is a desktop install. Any done this recently and can recommend a how-to?
  2. Gaiacom_LC

    How to Connect a Domain with your VPS - The Easy Way

    When setting up a new VPS, one of the most common tasks is to link a domain name. The process is roughly the same as with a shared hosting account, although a VPS may or may not come with ready-made nameservers available.  Often, you will need to configure your own nameservers on a VPS. To...
  3. V

    Best vps tutorial site?

    There are so many vps tutorial sites and I feel that most only have a little bit of content. The one I use most is Linode's library but was wondering if there was something that had a lot of content like Linode's but with different tutorials for different things. Any recommendations?