Convert Debian to a Reusable Portable Image


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I am interested in converting my Debian install into an image I can open up and run inside some virtual environment.  Virtualbox would be fine, but Xen would be more ideal.  This is a desktop install.

Any done this recently and can recommend a how-to?


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Clonezilla would be the easiest in terms of making it into an image of the hard drive and all that.

I'm not the most knowledgeable in Xen, however simply for ease of use I'd suggest VirtualBox since it's designed around that.

Worse case scenario though, you can always use Portable VirtualBox.  It's not perfect, but meh.

Edit: Oh geeze you said for Virtual Environments.  Yeah my bad, apparently I'm not awake enough.  I was more thinking in terms of having a "portable" version running around.  
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