hudson valley host

  1. MannDude

    ColoCrossing threatens to sue vpsBoard

    To my surprise, I notice a email in my inbox today from none other than a "Gregory Clark" of Colocrossing threatening to sue vpsBoard for 'libel' in regards to a user made review of one of their companies, HudsonValleyHost. As you can imagine, this came as a bit of shock to me as vpsBoard...
  2. DomainBop

    Unethical Ernie Quick and HudsonValleyHost Get 131K IPs Blacklisted and Try To Sell Customers A $10

    Spamhaus blacklisted over 131K ColoCrossing IPs this weekend for repeat offenses and Ernie Quick of Hudson Valley Host and Jon Biloh of ColoCrossing are trying to use the blacklisting as an opportunity to squeeze more money from customers for a $10 mail service add-on.  TL;DR Ernie just earned...
  3. Kris

    B2 Net Solutions (ColoCrossing) and ChicagoVPS Spam

    I avoid making new topics. But while Biloh is at WHT spouting bullshit about cleaning up, spam is getting worse. When migrating and setting up a new server tonight that had spam issues previously, I had SpamHaus and BarracudaCentral enabled and decided to see what got through if it needed...
  4. drmike

    ColoCrossing / VSNX Starts it's Hostile Takeover of the LOWEND VPS Market

    It's official, ColoCrossing just made an offer for lowend / low priced VPS packages.  This move puts ColoCrossing directly in competition with the slews of VPS companies that rent dedicated servers from CC for selling VPS offers. The offer is via the Hudson Valley Host brand, which last week...
  5. L

    ColoCrossing & Hudson Valley Host are dishonest, unethical, and partake in illegal activities

    Hello vpsboard! I have been told at least by 3 people to join this forum so thought I would make my 1st post here. Before I go on, I am sorry if you have already seen my threads in other places. That is why I wasn't even going to start this post as I am sure some of you guys are tired of reading...
  6. K

    GreenValueHost tells their non high paying clients to GTFO

    So I have received no prior notice, no offer for a refund for paid services, no chance to tell them I don't want my personal information given to another company... I don't feel much like a "Valued Customer" Also love the fact that I now have to update multiple customers nameservers because of...
  7. drmike

    PremiumVM Up for Sale.

    Dominic posted on WebhostingTalk, an ad seeking to sell PremiumVM + customer base: