1. drmike

    The Internet of Things (IOT) Should Not Include your Sex Toys

    So this Internet of Things (iOT) is pretty creepy.  I remember seeing fridges with internet connectivity many years ago and I was MEH!  that's idiotic about that then, and even moreso today. With the constant screen time most of society already has, who needs more e-garbage to chatter on the...
  2. wlanboy

    Build your own IoT plattform - Arudino with shield as client

    This will be the start of a series of tutorials about IoT, servers, clients and how things can be connected. I want to show how a opensource based IoT plattform that is host-able on any shared-hosting account can be build. So no special services, no Azure, no Google, no Bling-Bling-Newish...
  3. wlanboy

    Windows 10 Core starter kit for Raspberry Pi 2

    In February Microsoft’s Windows 10 IoT Core, a version of Windows 10 for small Internet-of-Things devices  would be available for the device. The release of Windows 10 Core in August was a hype but now it looks like the vendor support is starting. The box contains an SD card with Windows 10...

    Windows10 IoT Core Public Release

    Got this email in my inbox today: TL:DR, Windoze 10 IoT is released for RP2 and there's a RP2 home automation contest that requires the use of Windoze 10 IoT. For those participating, good luck and hack on! :)