Windows10 IoT Core Public Release


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Got this email in my inbox today:

Hello Makers, Developers and Inventors!

We are excited to announce the public release of Windows 10 IoT Core! With this we are bringing the capabilities of Windows 10 to boards like the Raspberry Pi 2. Learn more about this exciting new release in our blog post You can download it now for free to use in your projects.

To celebrate the release, we are announcing a contest* in collaboration with To participate, build a home automation solution that leverages the power of Windows 10 IoT Core running on Raspberry Pi 2. The two grand prizes are a trip to Maker Faire, New York for a winner from US and to Maker Faire, Rome for a winner from Europe to demo your projects to your fellow Makers. Other prizes include up to $2000 in gift certificates and a free Raspberry Pi 2 kit to the top 100 shortlisted projects!

We can’t wait to see what you’ll make!

Windows 10 IoT Core Team


* See ‘Challenge Rules’ on for more details about the contest.
TL:DR, Windoze 10 IoT is released for RP2 and there's a RP2 home automation contest that requires the use of Windoze 10 IoT.

For those participating, good luck and hack on! :)


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Thank you for posting this!
The RP2 ISO is 517MB. Including Wlan und Bluetooth drivers.

Looking to the Releasenotes: the known issues are quite acceptable

  • The Azure Active Directory Authentication Library may not work on Windows 10 IoT Core (3379181)
  • The SSH Service my crash when an SSH client does not gracefully close a session.
  • When the device name is longer than 16 characters it may bluescreen while booting with a “CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED” message (3622767).
Looking forward to test the ISO.