Windows 10 Core starter kit for Raspberry Pi 2


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In February Microsoft’s Windows 10 IoT Core, a version of Windows 10 for small Internet-of-Things devices  would be available for the device. The release of Windows 10 Core in August was a hype but now it looks like the vendor support is starting.

The box contains an SD card with Windows 10 Core and a case, power supply, wifi module and ethernet cable; a breadboard, jumper wires and components including LEDs, potentiometers and switches; and sensors for light, colour, temperature and pressure. There’s everything you need to start building small projects.

Windows 10 site:

Adafruit site:

Looks like a lot of people want it because it is currently out of stock...


Microsoft and Adafruit announced the release of a new Windows 10 Core Starter Pack for Raspberry Pi 2. The pack is available with a Pi 2 for people who are are new to Raspberry Pi or who'd like a dedicated device for their projects, or without one for those who'll be using a Pi they already own.