1. httpzoom

    Quarter Rack colo in the UK

    Hello guys,  anyone know of any good detail for quarter rack colo. hosting in the UK preferably with the M25 (i.e. close to London) Thank
  2. EricGregory

    Limited Time Server Specials - New Specials Starting @ $79

    Limited Time Server Specials from Total Server Solutions.  Check 'em out, right here. When they're gone, they're gone! You already know that we offer fully managed servers at great prices. But, you may wonder what happens to the used servers when a customer upgrades to new hardware. The older...
  3. drmike

    Cheap Windows VPS - New York City, Chicago and London

    Looking for some recommendations for cheap Windows VPS providers. For now, seeking these in New York City, Chicago and London.  Close to major trading markets and ideally with low latency to such.
  4. Kakashi

    Corgi Tech - Once a Year 50% off Sale - Choose from 8 Locations @ $7/month

    Reviews Here:
  5. O

    WeLoveServers (VPS Hosting in 6 locations) - adds Orlando, FL & London, UK locations

    WeLoveServers is proud to announce that we have further expanded our global presence, with the addition of Orlando, FL and London, UK. We understand the need to have diversity and location variety as a global web hosting provider serving thousands of customers worldwide, and have been working...
  6. kaniini

    [US, UK] TortoiseLabs vServer - 512MB RAM / 30GB DISK / 1000MBPS - $6.75/month

    Greetings! TortoiseLabs is pleased to offer our vServer services to vpsBoard's readers.  Our services, are of course, managed using a homegrown, mostly open-source platform we call Cloudware. Service at a Glance Locations: Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, Chicago, and London! Services allowed: any...
  7. kaniini

    [EXCLUSIVE] TortoiseLabs - 512MB RAM / 30GB DISK / 1000M UNMETERED - $6.75/month

    TortoiseLabs is pleased to offer an exclusive deal on our TortoiseCloud VPS services for vpsBoard readers. We have recently released a streamlined VPS management experience, which you can see here. Service at a Glance Locations: Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, Chicago, Montreal, and London...
  8. Licensecart

    Woolwich attack in UK!

    Have you heard about the terrorist attack in London. A serving soldier was brutally hacked to death by two men shouting Allahu Akbar (God is Great). Live report on: More information on: RIP.