1. cloudtutorials

    Use gtop to monitor your server at a glance

    Hi there, I recently discovered the gtop tool that allows you to view an at-a-glance breakdown of your server performance. Detailed writeup here: If you have any suggestions/comments, let me know here or on...
  2. J

    Node.js tutoring - €150 for 5 hours, €250 for 10 hours (limited availability)

    I've been doing code review and tutoring for Node.js for some time now, and it's been a while since the last promo - so here's a new one! It doesn't really get any cheaper than this anywhere :) I'll keep it short; this is what's on offer: 5 hours of private tutoring, for €150 (ie. €30/hour)...
  3. J

    Learn Node.js for €100! (~5 hours of one-on-one tutoring)

    I've been doing Node.js code review and tutoring for a while now, and I figured I'd try my hand at running a promo.   So, for the coming week, I'm offering five hours of Node.js tutoring for only €100 (about $113 at current exchange rates).   That's €20 per hour, a 20%-60% discount over my...
  4. J

    Functional programming in Javascript: map, filter and reduce

    Cross-posted from my blog, where the formatting is a lot nicer :) You can reuse, redistribute, remix etc. under the WTFPL/CC0, as usual. Though you should probably get it from my blog, rather than here - it's rather hard to get the formatting right in IPB's editor, unfortunately. Feedback is...
  5. J

    Node.js code review and (private) tutoring

    After having helped people out in #Node.js on Freenode for a while, I figured out that I actually quite enjoy reviewing code and teaching people, and there aren't really any ethical concerns either. So... I've turned that into paid work :) The 'canonical' page with information about this is...
  6. howardsl2

    [Tutorial] Install Ghost 0.4.2 with Nginx and ModSecurity on Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty)

    I have just updated my tutorial on how to install Ghost blog 0.4.2 on Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty) or 12.04 (Precise), with Nginx as a reverse proxy and the ModSecurity web application firewall. The following extra topics are also covered (via links to original posts where appropriate): Example...
  7. eva2000

    Ghost node.js Blogs ?

    Anyone else tried out Ghost open sourced node.js blogging platform ?  Just started playing with it and like it alot :)