1. drmike

    NSA Project Caught Playing in Drive Firmware

    Kaspersky Lab on this finding, a Russian company .... A drive firmware hack dating back to at least to 2001 and some indication perhaps to 1996.  Effects ALL manufacturers.  Stashes data, C&C style infection, in theory applicable to Windows but suspected to have other OS brothern.  One found...
  2. HalfEatenPie

    Inbox by GMail - Thoughts?

    So I've been using Google Inbox for a while now and I've got to say, I see them trying to make emails "easier", but I personally don't like it at all.   I absolutely dislike how they want to try and "clump" emails together, frequently mislabelling many of my emails.   Anyone have their own...
  3. HalfEatenPie

    Travelling Security

    So...  I'm doing a bit of travelling again!  I'm reporting live from an open WiFi access point in a hotel room!  Woo hoo!  I'm currently using a VPN and all that jazz at the moment to encrypt my traffic and hopefully not have anyone sniffing my packets, but what else is there to protecting your...
  4. drmike

    NSA classifies Linux Journal readers, Tor and Tails Linux users as "extremists"

    So all my fellow paranoid foil crafters... More leaks about the alphabet terror agencies targetting you innocent failure to opt into total surveillance.. NSA classifies Linux Journal readers, Tor and Tails Linux users as "extremists" Are you a Linux Journal reader or use software such as Tor...
  5. Francisco

    Privacy concerns over CGNAT?

    While replying to I realized there was a topic we were missing in all of this IPocalypse - privacy concerns over CGNAT. Is there anyone here that is behind CGNAT? I'm really curious what VPN platforms still work with it. I'd assume that IPSEC is completely out of the picture, same with...

    Water is a precious resource

    We should steal those hellfire missiles killing civilians in Iraq and use it to bomb the water pipes to NSA's datacenter.
  7. drmike

    NSA + FBI + Level 3 + Tierpoint = Total Monitoring

    Souce: N.S.A. May Have Hit Internet Companies at a Weak Spot While none of this new (the taps / port mirroring) to those of you who have worked within ISPs/datacenters, the nature of the taps further upstream sort of it...
  8. drmike

    Letter for the NSA / CSS Family - Spin Control

    Is working for the NSA / CSS a job or did folks sign up to the join the MAFIA? "Dear NSA/CSS Family" There is a good write up with some prior NSA abuses linked here...

    Sharing is caring! Join the PRSM program!

    Hey everyone, Sharing = caring. I found out an awesome company called PRSM that collects information from key partners and share them! More information:
  10. drmike

    NSA to cut 90% of administrators due to Snowden

    In light of whistleblower Edward Snowden's masive disclosure of US spy agencies recording traffic and spying on US citizens, the NSA has announced the elimination of 90% of system administrator jobs.  This will be a reduction of around 900 middle class jobs. More no-e-con-o-me.  Good work to...
  11. drmike

    German Email Provider Pulls Servers from United States

    Deutsche Telekom snubs U.S. email servers after snooping scandal (Reuters) - Germany's leading telecoms operator will channel email traffic exclusively through its domestic servers in response to public outrage over U.S. spy programs accessing citizens' private messages, Deutsche Telekom said...
  12. drmike

    Removing 3rd Party "Spyware" from vpsBoard

    So, I am hyper critical of the sites I visit these days and even more critical of what is within the pages I visit. vpsBoard is one of my favorites, but in light of the NSA, FBI and their spying and entities like Google, Apple, Microsoft, AT&T, Verizon, etc. all being willing co-conspirators to...
  13. MannDude

    How do you feel about the NSA spying?

    This topic is making the rounds everywhere else, figured it'd be a good topic for discussion here. I've included a handful of random links from different sources below incase you're unaware of whats going on.