1. ModulesGarden

    Brand-new OVH VPS & Dedicated Servers For WHMCS module is out!

    Hello fellow Forums users! We are thrilled to present you today with our completely novel module - OVH VPS & Dedicated Servers For WHMCS! Equipped with this product, you will possess at your disposal all tools necessary to provide and later on supervise VPS and dedicated servers delivered by...
  2. DomainBop

    The 1 Million Euro Custom Ubuntu Kernel

    OVH offers users  the choice of using its modified custom Linux kernels or the regular distro's kernel.  Ubuntu's license contains a clause that requires anyone who distributes a modified version of Ubuntu to get approval from Ubuntu and pay a license fee to use the Ubuntu mark. Canonical/Ubuntu...
  3. F

    OVH Manager unavailable (96 hours and counting)

    Redirecting over and over to the login page.
  4. DomainBop

    REQUEST: Sell Me A PowerKVM VPS For Under $7

    If any of you OVH based providers want to set yourself apart from the crowd and be the first to start offering PowerKVM VPS's out of RBX for under $7 monthly I might be interested.  A Power8 OpenStack offering would be even better as long as you keep it under $7  (it's been impossible to find a...
  5. drmike

    OVH intends to ruin the hosting industry.

  6. MikeA

    EVM - Dallas KVM VPS & Montreal OpenVZ VPS w/ DDoS Prot

    ExtraVM is a provider for VPS and Dedicated Servers in Dallas, Texas. We strive to provide great quality virtual servers and other hosting products for a fair price, and giving you the peace of mind that your server will be online 24/7/365. All of our services are self managed but include basic...
  7. drmike

    OVH Canada Offline

    OVH is offline in Canada right now. Someone miles away from the DC cut fiber somehow. What is alarming here is that fiber goes to Newark, NJ, meaning it appears OVH only has that bandwidth.  No local / regional peering.  Quite strange. 6 strands are down.  OVH CEO said 4 hours.  ...
  8. Jeffrey

    $1/Month 10GB Control Panel Hosting PROMOTION

    To get things up and running smoothly, I have decided to run a promotion over at  Our servers are in OVH-BHS1 in Canada and currently run VestaCP Control Panel.  Our goal is to stick to 100% open-source software while running our project, as we are for open-source projects.  We...
  9. DomainBop

    Industry News From The Land Of Oles: ARM v8 Cloud Servers, $2.99/2GB SSD KVM/OpenStack

    RunAbove news:   ThunderX ARMv8 powered cloud servers coming in August:     full press release:   -------------------   OVH VPS...
  10. W

    ★ OpenVZ SSD VPS ★ Canada and Arizona ★ 30% off First Month ★ 1GB for under $7.00 AUD

      WebTech Hosts provides hosting solutions for individuals, small to medium-sized businesses and corporations, with an emphasis on providing superior customer support and building relationships. We pride ourselves on our reliability and trust securing strong business relationships with our...
  11. HalfEatenPie

    Kimsufi BHS in Stock!

    Currently the KS-2, KS-3, and KS-4 are available for Kimsufi Canada. Just figure I'd share this :P
  12. S

    KVM on OVH/SYS using recommended configuration with Virtualizor & SolusVM

    Thank you for the appreciation on my previous tutorials. The network settings which I had used in my previous tutorial bypass what is recommended by OVH but they work perfectly. But some people requested for writing a tutorial with OVH's recommended network configuration so here it is :)  ...
  13. DomainBop

    Kimsufi Decides Maybe Forums Aren't The Best Place For Billing Support

    OVH's Kimsufi is scrapping its 1 year old "forum only support" and Kimsufi users will now be able to enjoy the same quality support as other OVH users.  Hardware support and commercial support (billing, order questions) will now be handled by email, Mon-Fri during office hours.  Support for...
  14. splitice

    OVH VAC Outage

    For the past hour and a half all IPs routed to the OVH VAC are offline (including permanently filtered IPs from professional use). Looking at the weathermap it seems like a Capacity issue. Issue affects RBX, SBG and GRA1 (atleast). -- Stuck on what do do? As posted on LET, here is a script...
  15. sv01

    Register your own .ovh domain

    In the beginning, having your own extension to bring your communities together and making your mark on the root zone of the internet was just a dream. In actual fact, it all started with an April Fool's prank in 2009, when Octave Klaba (OVH founder and CEO) announced the creation of the .ovh...
  16. S

    Installing & configuring KVM on OVH with SolusVM

    I have seen many hosts & other individuals who want to setup KVM with OVH servers having lot of difficulties because the gateways & routing of network interfaces is different in OVH's network. Some even totally give up the idea & quit thinking about setting KVM on OVH's network. That is why I...
  17. Echelon

    Umgardi | KVM VPS BOXING WEEK STARTS NOW! | 50%OFF for life | Canada

    Umgardi   BOXING WEEK STARTS NOW!    From December 21st, 2013 to December 29th, 2013 take 50% off all packages for the life.  Use Coupon Code: HOLIDAY2013 to qualify. (Once applied coupon does not expire for the lifetime of the package.)         Umgardi is a privately owned business...