1. SiteCanyon

    67% OFF SSD Web Hosting ⚡ Blazing Fast Site Load Time ⚡ Pure SSD | cPanel | LiteSpeed | $8.31/Year

    SiteCanyon offer high speed cloud hosting for websites of all sizes. Our goal is to provide fast, secure, reliable and affordable hosting environment that allows you to take your business to the next level. Why choose SiteCanyon for your Web Hosting? Blazing Fast Site Load Time LiteSpeed Web...
  2. DomainBop

    PayPal Demands That Seafile Monitor Customers Uploaded Files

    PayPal is apparently turning into big brother and demanded that Seafile monitor files that customers upload to its hosted Seafile service as a condition for accepting PayPal.  SeaFile refused and so PayPal will no longer be an option for Seafile services as of tomorrow June 19. The big...
  3. DomainBop

    PayPal customers in Turkey will no longer be able to receive or send money as of June 6

    PayPal customers in Turkey will no longer be able to receive or send money as of June 6, 2016 (only 1 week's notice was given) because Turkish regulators have rejected PayPal's license. This is going to hit any hosting company hard that is either located in Turkey or has customers in Turkey...
  4. drmike

    Valve / Steam exposed customer data to other customers

    Caching layer at Steam exposed game subscribers info to other subscribers.   Details here:
  5. MannDude

    Anyone else experiencing PayPal 2 factor authorization errors?

    When ordering a service and viewing the due invoice, trying to subscribe to recurring payments sends you to a PayPal page to login. Afterwards, you are then sent to a page to input a 2 factor auth code. When clicking, "Send SMS" to retrieve the 6 digit code an error stating, "We're sorry...
  6. Aldryic C'boas

    PayPal Micro Transactions

    Like many hosts out there, the bulk of our recurring payments come in via PayPal.  And like most hosts that sell some of our services at decently low pricing, we've never been a fan of PayPal's fees taking a noticeable chunk out of the incoming payments. Standard PayPal fees are 2.9% + 0,30$...
  7. splitice

    Reporting stolen Paypal accounts

    Does anyone know how to go about reporting transactions received from stolen Paypal accounts? I cant seem to find anywhere (and I don't want to phoneticify over the phone). Having recognized the pattern I have refunded all the received payments. A certain new hosting company (isnt summer...
  8. ocitysolutions

    PayPal refusing to process payments to VPN.SH?

    Just got an email from VPN.SH saying that PayPal is no longer willing to accept payments on their behalf. Email included below. To me it sounds like PayPal is starting to arbitrarily choose who to accept/not accept payments for.
  9. DomainBop

    PayPal Questions Legality of Encrypted Email

    statement: news article:
  10. drmike

    PayPal Business US Verified Requirements

    Someone was asking me about PayPal Business accounts. Business Account in US and Verified by PayPal. Are there incorporation requirements for such or what does PayPal require?  Anyone recently dealt with this?
  11. VPN.SH

    Selling 0.14 BTC - $55 - PayPal

    Hey vpsBoard, Got 0.14 BTC that I'm wanting to sell. Please PM me if you're interested. Payment to be made by PayPal. Could probably get one or two people to pop in and confirm legitimate and easy sales (depending on their discretion) if needed. Thanks, Liam
  12. Richard Leik

    As a customer, would you purchase from a provider that doesn't offer Paypal balance payments?

    The alternative would be credit card and bank payment processing through a gateway such as Braintree, Dwolla, or Stripe.
  13. B

    Any provider accepting Neteller payments

    On my search for Virtual Credit Cards, since my SBI Credit Card got blocked due to some strange reasons cited by bank, I came across Neteller. Their website tells about virtual credit card and on doing a basic search came to find out that its true. I am using Entropay now and since the...
  14. mikho

    Vpn providers banned by Visa and Mastercard

    Just read this : Thats something to get around. Will we see an increase usage with bitcoins after this? Increase in different "companies" selling the service to use your credit card to get vpn access? Or will...
  15. gr3g0s | KVM & XEN | Launch promo 512MB @ $8.00 (USA & New Zealand)

    EDIT: LAUNCH CODE HAS EXPIRED CHECK OUR NEW POST FOR EXCLUSIVE VPSB DISCOUNT CODE We are a fresh start up in New Zealand, having just spent three months developing our custom billing system and virtual machine control panel, you can be sure we are here for the long haul. Our control system...