1. DomainBop

    Supreme Court OKs Rule Change Allowing Gov't Hacking of Any Computer With VPN Software

    The U.S. Supreme Court quietly OK'd a rule change last Thursday that will allow the government to obtain a warrant and remotely hack into ANY computer or smartphone that has anonymity software installed on it (VPN, Tor browser, etc) and the devices of anyone who has tried to conceal their...
  2. drmike

    Private Internet Access - I endorse.

    Bad guy goes using anonymous services to cause hell for ex and new fling.   Threats made.  FBI gets involved, all activity leads back to Private Internet Access, a VPN provider. PIA claims prior to not store information on customer activity.  FBI sends subpoena, PIA tells them uselessness...
  3. drmike

    Tor Users Isolated and Deanonymized via Hardware Data and Leaky Javascript - Proof of Concept

    Excellent security dev here done by this gent to show weakness in Tor. Simply said, bits of data available even with Tor bundled browser originating from mouse and other hardware.  Enough to make you think plausible to use such to identify user as being the same user seen elsewhere. Over...
  4. hxQ&S8ZaVn9e

    What circumstance does a registar reveal private whois information?

    If you have privacy protection enabled on a domain name under what circumstances would the domain registar reveal the registrant information to a 3rd party or authorities?
  5. HN-Matt

    Privacy as performativity

    Continuing on from - I've started reselling dedicated servers from DataShack this month, in step with America's recent nation-wide rejection of the Confederate flag. One of the things that impressed me about them was this particular proviso in the "Security/Abuse" section of their ToS: The...
  6. DomainBop

    ICANN Proposes Changes to WHOIS Privacy

    ICANN has proposed several changes to the use of WHOIS privacy on domain registrations.  Proposals include limiting the use of private WHOIS to non-commercial entities only (something which I have long advocated for because there is no legitimate reason why a business needs to hide its...
  7. A

    Redefined my vps requirements and looking for offers

    I'm hoping to find a VPS provider which meets the follwoing requirements: privacy taken seriously non US/UK based company server location preferably in Iceland, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden or Switzerland performance: ~ 30GB HDD, 1GB RAM, 100Mbit or 1Gbit connection, >2TB Traffic ignorance is a...
  8. drmike

    FraudRecord Public Dumps User / Customer Info

    Folks who use FraudRecord should note, your details have been public outed / displayed ....
  9. HalfEatenPie

    Travelling Security

    So...  I'm doing a bit of travelling again!  I'm reporting live from an open WiFi access point in a hotel room!  Woo hoo!  I'm currently using a VPN and all that jazz at the moment to encrypt my traffic and hopefully not have anyone sniffing my packets, but what else is there to protecting your...
  10. DomainBop

    PayPal Questions Legality of Encrypted Email

    statement: news article:
  11. drmike

    Google Loses Landmark Privacy Case in Spain

    CNN reporting on this...
  12. Francisco

    Privacy concerns over CGNAT?

    While replying to I realized there was a topic we were missing in all of this IPocalypse - privacy concerns over CGNAT. Is there anyone here that is behind CGNAT? I'm really curious what VPN platforms still work with it. I'd assume that IPSEC is completely out of the picture, same with...
  13. scv

    DO not scrubbing disks? How can something like this get overlooked? One would think if they made a design choice to reuse block-level media instead of use some sort of virtual disk, the idea of sharing the drive between two users might've come up at some point? What do you guys...
  14. B

    KVM VPS outside US

    Hi, I am looking for a KVM VPS for my friend for his personal use, which include hosting few websites along with running his python based projects. He wants the VPS to be outside the laws of US, due to privacy reasons and also facility to install OS from mounted ISO's. The specs in need are as...
  15. drmike

    Countries with Data Privacy Protection Laws

    Alright, I am back to thinking again about offshoring more of my services that I outsource. Let's talk about data privacy protections.  What countries actually care about privacy of data and citizen rights and/or are non-conspiring with the United States? Iceland comes to mind.  What others...
  16. drmike

    Opera - great but privacy sucks

    I am a long time Opera user.   I've liked Opera since it isn't directly owned by the pig corporatists at Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc. Wasn't happy when they started shoe horning Google as the search provider.  Certainly miffed that their Android version defaults to Google and won't let you...
  17. K

    [EU/NL] KnownSRV - Premium Managed VPS!1

    Hey,   KnownSRV offers top-notch VPS packages that are generous in both space and bandwidth. We guarantee trouble free service and peace of minds for hosting your websites. We utilize the latest virtualisation technology to give you the power to fully customise your own environment.   Why...
  18. MannDude

    How do you feel about the NSA spying?

    This topic is making the rounds everywhere else, figured it'd be a good topic for discussion here. I've included a handful of random links from different sources below incase you're unaware of whats going on.