1. HalfEatenPie

    iwStack - Price Reduction for Large Instances and Virtual Router

    Many of you guys are probably familiar with Sal and Prometeus (I know I am...  Love their service!)! I recently received this email a few days ago and I figured I'd put this on here.   I've always been a big promoter of services I really enjoy, and Sal and his team does a pretty bangin' good...
  2. drmike

    iwStack, a Prometeus project - who is using them and network throughout

    I've been testing an iwStack cloud instance tonight for a friend. I am a fan of Prometeus and have had good experiences in the past there. Ran one of the freevps derivative scripts and found the network performance everywhere super slow.  This is a fresh empty container, so nothing competing...
  3. drmike

    iwStack, the new Prometeus pay as you go Infrastructure Cloud Service is out! :-)

    Dear English Speaker, after some months of preparation and testing we are pleased to introduce you iwStack (, our new Cloud IaaS platform. The service is based upon Apache CloudStack and use the KVM virtualization technology. It allow easy virtual machine deployment...
  4. M

    Prometeus to launch Cloud services. Beta testers needed !

    Hello ! After a long time, we have finally managed to find something suitable for our IaaS Cloud. We are now deploying it on the hardware we have ready for months and need some testers to stress it. There will be 2 tiers in this test, one through HostBill which will be like a regular VPS (KVM...
  5. D

    Cloud KVM from UNCLE SAL - Any one tried yet ?

    Hi, This provides us one nice offer where either you can make a Linode style 8 core 1GB KVM or you can make 4 out of them. What do you guys think ? Do let us know. I think this is really a great offer from IPERWEB/PROMETEUS Cloud KVM - KVM1
  6. W is 16 years today!

    Just received this from Salvatore (or most commonly known as 'uncle'): Happy anniversary everyone ! 16 years have passed since has been registered and after a few more days the company was also born... (Part of the story here: