amuck-landowner is 16 years today!

Just received this from Salvatore (or most commonly known as 'uncle'):

Happy anniversary everyone !

16 years have passed since has been registered and after a few more days the company was also born... (Part of the story here:
At sweet 16, Prometeus di Daniela Agro has some gifts to celebrate the things we love:

1. We love loyal customers !
If you have been a loyal and trouble-free customer for more than six months keeping a service alive, a certain amount of money will be credited to your account. We have a don't ask don't tell policy regarding how this was calculated, so, please don't ask :) Truth is, we don't really know for sure either... 

2. We love back-ups ! 
As you probably know, we have a lot of back-up plans, however, we felt that was not enough as some people continue to ask us for their data after they lost it due to hacking or accidental overwriting/deletion... From now on, Biz customers will enjoy increased back-up space and a web server for sharing static pages :)
More details here:

Also, we did not forget the other people which use our other services, we have made a special coupon to enjoy the 16th anniversary with us for the 100 GB plan. Use FTPNWEB50OFF for it and you will have 100 GB ftp and http storage for a year at the price of 9 Eur...

But, there is a catch, this will expire on the 1st of June, unlike the others which will not expire.
Now, you really have no justification for not taking backups ! We linked a duply tutorial too, so even grandma and her cat can start backing up their sites using PGP encryption !

3. Did we mention we love back-ups ?
For those looking for a professional backup solution we have a special deal on Idera Server Backup (was R1soft/CDP), a recurring 50% discount using the code SBK50OFF (valid until the end of June):
1st agent (linux or windows) + 250GB backup space =


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Prometeus is a real solid provider.   16 years in business?  Long time even if just the domain.


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Providing stable product makes you successful.

Prometeus is one of them.

Happy Birthday!


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Happy Birthday Prometeus. Myself and @MannDude here share the birthday with you. 16 years is a long time. I saw computers for the first time around 12 years back.

Haven't got a chance to try your services. May be next time when I am in need of a VPS.


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The 25th of May will be a glorious day for all!

Happy Birthday Prometeus, you're doing something right!

Happy Birthday Bizzard!


Happy Birthday Prometeus and thanks for excellent VPS and Shared Hosting


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Very happy with my Prometeus VPS, despite the fact that it's with their "OverZold" brand. They provide an amazing service and amazing customer support, and they do not charge you through the nose with it. Congratulations on 16 years, Prometeus!