Cloud KVM from UNCLE SAL - Any one tried yet ?


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This provides us one nice offer where either you can make a Linode style 8 core 1GB KVM or you can make 4 out of them.

What do you guys think ? Do let us know.

I think this is really a great offer from IPERWEB/PROMETEUS

Cloud KVM - KVM1

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Nothing personal (necessarily), but this comes off more as an advert than as a "what do you think?" There are a lot of these plans around these days.


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In one way I like it when providers put a price on RAM, disk, bandwidth etc...

That way a customer can easily create the VPS of his/her dream.

Say that you need a backup vps? Create one with large diskspace and low mem, only need a cpu.

Need something to compile code or transform video/images. Medium RAM, extra cpus and not that much disk.

I guess it will make the providers life harder to maintain the exact usage on each node. The provider could end up with a node with almost no disk left but plenty of RAM.


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We intend to release a cloudstack version of really HA IaaS.

This is just a test, a beta, at most.

Given the recent Solus problems, we are speeding up the development on the real cloud.

If the time will permit, because having to answer tickets to reboot VPSes is not going to be easy :(