1. P

    Can I run python with php accessing the same mysql database/table at the same time?

    Hello , sorry for the confusing title ,I do not speak english as my first language.(and also sorry if the topic does not fit here) Problem background: I just want to create a website as a competitive program grader for my school. Like complie and run source code on the server. So below is my...
  2. drmike

    Lightweight Wiki Recommendations Python based for LAN

    Anyone around here a fan of Wiki software? Looking for something lightweight, easily portable and probably Python based. Anyone using such a tool currently that that can share the name of? Looking to get my Tomboy notes off the PC and up to LAN.  So ideally Python app with web based interface
  3. drmike

    Python Programmer needed for Open Source Integration

    This isn't my project, but I am fielding interest. Have need for a Python programmer of some lower level of knowledge.   Ability to comprehend basic framwork and logic. Will work on forking an open source project and integrating a third party open source secondary package (via simple and...
  4. M

    SubBuddy-py: A YouTube Subscription Auto-downloader

    Just threw this together this morning to replace a .NET YouTube subscription auto-downloader that I haphazardly hacked together 2 years ago. Its a little rough around...
  5. fisle

    Private Netflix-like clone in Flask

    Hey everyone! I figured that if I never release my code to public, I'm never going to improve. I realize my code is amateurish at best and is full of bad practises. Please help me improve by giving constructive criticism. I have written a small Netflix-like HTML5 video gallery in Flask, Python...
  6. drmike

    Blocking Tor Users and Tor Exit Nodes from Reaching Your Server

    So earlier tonight, vpsBoard was DDoS attacked offline.   The source,  malicious traffic from Tor. We've taken steps TO BLOCK TOR.   No more Tor traffic.  If you use it, get a VPN or Proxy or vpsBoard will probably not work much for you. This script is borrowed from Github and slightly...
  7. B

    KVM VPS outside US

    Hi, I am looking for a KVM VPS for my friend for his personal use, which include hosting few websites along with running his python based projects. He wants the VPS to be outside the laws of US, due to privacy reasons and also facility to install OS from mounted ISO's. The specs in need are as...
  8. MannDude

    Good resources for strengthening beginner Python skills?

    I've dabbled with Python, having done about half of 'Learn Python the Hard Way' ( But due to time constraints, it's been well over a year since I've touched Python. I remember it being enjoyable, and perhaps it was the ADD in me found myself venturing off...