Lightweight Wiki Recommendations Python based for LAN


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Anyone around here a fan of Wiki software?

Looking for something lightweight, easily portable and probably Python based.

Anyone using such a tool currently that that can share the name of?

Looking to get my Tomboy notes off the PC and up to LAN.  So ideally Python app with web based interface


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Portability and lightweight mainly.

Running stuff on lowly ARM devices with limited RAM.   So PHP is one more thing eating away at small pile of RAM + additional hardening stuff for such.


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how about give try. (no python, no other script) just markdown plus web server.

At office we use gitbook as knowledge base for our dev team.


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MoinMoin isn't very fancy but it's in Python and very easy to set up.  Uses plain files instead of a database etc.  I ran an instance for something I was doing at work a while back, which had a dozen or so pages.  It was fine for that.  But if it were for something longer lasting and serious I'd probably bite the bullet and install mediawiki.
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If you want extreme lightweight, put Tiddlywiki on a server.  Single page of HTML and the wiki is done 100% in Javascript.

Of course, it doesn't have to be on a server - you can carry it on a USB, Dropbox, etc.  But it works on a server as well.