1. wlanboy

    Creating an WLAN access point with your Raspberry Pi

    Install required packages: sudo apt-get install hostapd dnsmasqSet static ip to your wlan interface: nano /etc/network/interfacescontent: (check for a single wlan0 entry!) iface wlan0 inet static address netmask a configuration to hostap: nano...
  2. wlanboy

    Raspberry Pi Model B+

    They upgraded the Raspberry Pi Model B - called it B+. Same price tag with some neat features: They upgraded the GPIO header from 26 pins to 40 pins They doubled the USB 2.0 ports to 4. They changed the SD card adapter to Micro SD They replaced the linear regulators with switching ones to...
  3. wlanboy

    RaspMap und ArduMap

    Two really cool projects about a detailed map of the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino. Move the mouse over one electronic element and the map popups the name and description: Go to the RaspMap and the ArduMap.
  4. wlanboy

    The RaspberryPi Tutorials - Electronics III

    This is the second part of my RaspberryPi tutorial series. You can find the first part You can find the second part We now create a sound board: This time we plit the power lines to make the wirering easier. Each button is connected to ground on the buttom side and connected to a line...
  5. wlanboy

    The RaspberryPi Tutorials - Electroincs II

    This is the second part of my RaspberryPi tutorial series. You can find the first part We now add a third LED and a touch button. Full view on board: The third yellow LED is quite simple: Connect the cathode of the LED with the - power line Connect the anode of the LED to a resistor...
  6. wlanboy

    The RaspberryPi Tutorials - Electroincs I

    This is the start of my RaspberryPi tutorial series. I will start with the basic stuff first to ensure that everyone who wants to do electronic projects is able to to it with his RaspberryPi. All of my old electronic projects are based on the ATmega chips but it is much easier to build up a...
  7. wlanboy

    Raspberry Pi + Arduino Project III Some LED animation just for fun :D
  8. wlanboy

    My Raspberry Pi + Arduino Project So what did I build? My servers <-> Internet <-> Rapsberry Pi <-> Arduino <-> Shiftregister <-> blinking things Cronjob running a Ruby script This script does: Load list of ips and loop through list doing: Ping ip Try to login via ssh (key based) Check if other...