1. A

    Redefined my vps requirements and looking for offers

    I'm hoping to find a VPS provider which meets the follwoing requirements: privacy taken seriously non US/UK based company server location preferably in Iceland, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden or Switzerland performance: ~ 30GB HDD, 1GB RAM, 100Mbit or 1Gbit connection, >2TB Traffic ignorance is a...
  2. Novacha

    Looking for shared hosting with WSGI support

    I am not sure if this is in the correct section, but there does not seem to be any specific request section for shared hosting. I am looking for shared hosting which meets the following criteria: Has some form of WSGI support Allows for custom SSL certificates to be installed (I am willing to...
  3. A

    Looking for Xen or KVM 2-4GB with Cpanel, 2 IPs

    Hi, Seeking an offer for a VPS, prefer KVM tech. while XEN (HVM) is fine also, specs: CPU: 2-4 cores RAM: 2 - 4 GB HDD: 30GB at least CPanel control panel, 2 IPs 100 Mbps network. If you offer SSD HDD I would love to get a quote. Thanks!
  4. L

    VPS Sponsorship Request

    Hi, i'm Hiew LS from 1T Minecraft. I want to open a Minecraft server for 40-60 peoples but we don't have the money and all of us has a very old computer. So i would like to request for a sponsorship for VPS. As a return, I will put your banner on my site: This is all...
  5. VPN.SH

    [IN NEED OF] Graphics fanatic - Need some banners

    Hey guys :) Anybody here good with graphics and fancy making a few dollars by playing around with some banners? Not going to be a large payment at all, and looking more for someone who's just good with Photoshop, an "expert" isn't essential, just somebody who knows their way around. Drop me a...