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Hi, i'm Hiew LS from 1T Minecraft. I want to open a Minecraft server for 40-60 peoples but we don't have the money and all of us has a very old computer. So i would like to request for a sponsorship for VPS. As a return, I will put your banner on my site:

This is all of our information on the server we wanted to create:

Server Specs:

2 GB of RAM

10 GB of Hard Drive.

High Speed Internet Connection

Full laid out of our project:

1st Stage. Open our server to our few friends in our community for testing.

2nd stage. Improving our server base on our few "Operators".

3rd stage. Opening to others.

4th stage. Adding plugins such as EpicBosses Re-coded and Clear Lagg.

5th stage. Make LoginSecurity as a plugin for security.

5th stage. Pulling "you" to Fun.

6th stage. Making YouTube Videos, with a banner of Sponsor on every youtubes start and end.

7th stage. Continue to fixes, mods, maps and others.

Why our server is different from others. 

Our servers don't upgrade immediately, we also wait for others. Also, we will help peoples with a promising good answer, with everyone a chance to be an Operator to help the players. The players can also play with Operators and Admins when they are online. Finally, we promise to bring fun to all players.

Why I would be a good candidate. 

We, are the next Michael Dell. As he said, peoples think we are two trick pony, but instead, we are three trick pony. We satisfy customers, make good servers and make profit ( for Sponsors )

Thank you, if you are intrested to help with my server, please email me at hiewlongshun (at)

Thank you.



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This isn't really a good idea, but good luck!
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I'll be honest - I don't think you'll be able to find someone to 'sponsor' you. As Mun said, 2 gigs is probably not enough for the number of players you want... and I think you'll have a tough time finding a provider that will give you a large enough VPS that would provide the experience you want.

If the advertising was enough to cover the costs of the server, why don't you advertise on your website now to come up with the money to pay for a VPS?


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Do you have 40-60 players already? Or are you assuming you'll have that many?

You can get a copy of Buycraft to get some initial funding from current players and get with some VPS provider or even a low cost "Shared Minecraft".

Unfortunately, based on your blogspot site, I don't think your going to get any sponsorship based on what you said. Just your website shows a lack of care and immaturity.


You might want to try setting up a donation system where players donate to get additional permissions. I get enough donations each month with my Minecraft server to nearly pay for my dedicated server. 


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While this is a great thought out post requesting for sponsorship, I'm going to close this due to, well...  it being a request for sponsorship.  Similar to all the other posts requesting sponsorship, please go to for your Free "sponsored" VPS needs.  
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