1. fixidixi

    Which lightweight self hosted remote monitoring script would you recommend?

    Hy, I've read this topic and did the ususal google search, but I'd be interested in your recommendations: I'm looking for a lightweight self hosted remote monitoring script which would generate a static uptime report. Report should only include if the node/service ip is up/down. Goodie: if...
  2. vanarp

    What is your favorite LAMP or LEMP script for VPS?

    Appreciate you sharing more details along with voting. This might be quite useful to a lot of people.
  3. fatboy

    [Simple Script] Set Up Virtual Hosts On Ubuntu

    Not sure if this would be of any use to people who do this day in and day out, but for me it saves a few minutes when setting up a new domain on a server. Two files, one the script and one the blank template that is used to create the entry to sites-available. Stick 'template' in...
  4. 3

    [Linux / BSD] Quick and Easy Server Security - Automatic Security Install Scripts

    Thought I would make the first post in this forum! This is the exact guide that is on WHT as well, posted by me. I tested on Debian 6, 32-bit, all verified to be working. RKHunter Automatic Installer: wget...