[Linux / BSD] Quick and Easy Server Security - Automatic Security Install Scripts


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Thought I would make the first post in this forum! This is the exact guide that is on WHT as well, posted by me.

I tested on Debian 6, 32-bit, all verified to be working.

RKHunter Automatic Installer:

wget -v && chmod u+x && ./ --email EMAILHERE --time h

Chkrootkit Automatic Installer:

wget -v && chmod u+x && ./ --email EMAILHERE --time h

CSF Automatic Firewall Installer:

wget -v && chmod u+x && ./ --email EMAILHERE --conf 1

SYN Deflate Automatic Script Installer:

wget -v && chmod u+x && ./ --email EMAILHERE --conn 30

Secure /tmp Directory Script:

wget -v && chmod u+x && ./

More information is available on SolidShellSecurity's website, please note that these are open-source scripts and I do not take credit for making these, I am simply providing the links and open source code for others to use.
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I would like to make mention, new updates for these scripts are coming along with new ones. :) Our developer comes back from the Navy in a few days and I've been covering for him.


Thanks for reposting this! :) I can truly say that SolidShellSecurity is a great company and I surely do hope to see more things like this developed by them in the upcoming future.


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Will these scripts auto-update once they're applied, or are they more of a one-time thing?