1. J

    Node.js code review and (private) tutoring

    After having helped people out in #Node.js on Freenode for a while, I figured out that I actually quite enjoy reviewing code and teaching people, and there aren't really any ethical concerns either. So... I've turned that into paid work :) The 'canonical' page with information about this is...
  2. SentinelTower

    SentinelTower - Server monitoring service

    == Who is Suikatech? == We are a freshly created company with the goal to build nice and useful tools for the world wide web. Our vision is to bring the virtual world to reality by creating cool and easy to use softwares. By creating software for sysops we hope that their tasks will be easier...
  3. TekStorm - Walter

    StripeXS for WHMCS-Point of Sale services

    Stripe makes it easy to start accepting credit card payments today; at our low, low introductory rate of 0.1% + $0.01 per successful charge for the first 30 days!  Log on to our Web site to see complete details and also to veiw future savings! Leave complex fee structures behind and get all the...
  4. E

    Monitoring Service Beta (Sentinel Tower)

    Hello members of VPSBoard, Today we are proudly launching the beta version of our server monitoring service. As many others, our solution is based on an agent that you install on your server and a hosted software which displays and send notifications. The current version only supports the...