1. mojeda

    Places to Get SSL Certs?

    I'm going to work on adding SSL to most/all of my websites and I'm curious to know as to what place might be the best place to get them from. I already have a couple of certs, but what other places are there? I know NameCheap, GoDaddy are resellers for Comodo, RapidSSL as well as some others.
  2. texteditor

    Might wanna recompile or patch that OpenSSL, buddy (4/7/2014) OpenSSL's TLS ~1.0.1 through 1.0.2+ has a leak in the heatbeat extension that can cause private key...
  3. T

    TLS 1.2: AES_128_GCM or AES_256_CBC for better security?

    Hi, I want to set up a ssl server with best security. I can force my friends to use browsers with TLS support. For now, Chrome support AES_128_GCM and AES_256_CBC with TLS 1.2. What cipher should I choose? Are there any diffrence on 128 bits and 256 bits in this case?
  4. D

    When is creating a new CSR + Certificate needed?

    Hey Guys, I've always thought that, if I changed server, I needed to create a new CSR + Certificate - So I have done that several times. But seeing my shared hosting provider, can switch server (with my account on it) without me needing to doing the above, I get confused as to when its...
  5. fahad

    Nginx redirect http to https

    I want to redirect all http request to https of a site in nginx . How to do that ?  
  6. drmike

    ChicagoVPS SSL certificate has been revoked

    Link: , which linked directly from CVPS homepage under Client Area. Unable to complete secure transaction You tried to access the address, which is currently unavailable. Please make sure that the web address (URL) is correctly...
  7. drmike

    Securing DNS Lookups via Encrypted DNS - DNSCrypt

    Securing DNS Lookups via Encrypted DNS - DNSCrypt Normal computer traffic route involving DNS works like this: 1. Request for DNS lookup (from browser, FTP, etc.) 2. System gets DNS information for the domain from a list of remote DNS servers - often these are auto-configured by your...
  8. X

    myBlogster - $5.99/mnth. SSL, Google Apps, Free Domain! has been around since 2011 and has grown ever since. XFuse Solutions, LLC acquired myBlogster.Net several months ago and have relaunched it into its own brand. myBlogster.Net mainly focuses on Wordpress & Joomla based websites but we do offer normal cPanel Shared Hosting without...