Might wanna recompile or patch that OpenSSL, buddy (4/7/2014)


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CentOS updated openssl is available now according to

yum list openssl openssl-devel -q
Installed Packages
openssl.x86_64                                                             1.0.1e-16.el6_5.4                                                       @updates
openssl-devel.x86_64                                                       1.0.1e-16.el6_5.4                                                       @updates
Available Packages
openssl.x86_64                                                             1.0.1e-16.el6_5.7                                                       updates 
openssl-devel.x86_64                                                       1.0.1e-16.el6_5.7                                                       updates


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By the way, OpenSSH is NOT vulnerable to this. Because it does not use the TLS protocol. So you don't need to worry about changing keypairs, etc.


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After updating the OpenSSL package, check which services are using the old OpenSSL libraries with 'lsof -n | grep ssl | grep DEL' - then restart as needed.
I think that bears repeating. :)  Also, if you have an OpenVZ VPS, depending on the kernel version, that command may not give any output and so you may have to run just "lsof -n | grep ssl" and restart anything that uses SSL to be on the safe side (or you could just reboot...)

On another note, I just discovered that lsof wasn't installed on my Vultr Tokyo VPS (fixed by apt-get lsof)
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FYI, CentOS 6.5 will still have the version "e" version string, but it WAS Backported. 


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Got the update today. Apparently the guide+script I linked before doesn't fix it, I just got false negatives from that test site and I'm not ashamed to say I couldn't test this exploit if my life depended on it. Yum update it is!