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    The Portable tablet that guarantees exquisite style and technology

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  2. drmike

    Tablet cases / covers that don't suck - Group recommendations requested

    Today I finally did a glass front break on an older Samsung tablet I've long used.  Just lucky shot of tablet onto cement floor. My fault since the tablet wasn't in a protective case, again.  Not the first time I've dropped a device hard on ground. Looking for group input on cases they use to...
  3. drmike

    2014 Android rooted cheap tablet recommendations

    My kick about beater Droid phone committed suicide the other day.  Purely for wifi use...  Leaving me contemplating moving over to a more modern Android tablet instead. Looking for recommendations for Android tablets that use 4.x OS, have bluetooth, have wifi (they all do I think) and comes...
  4. drmike

    Copy and Paste Tablet to Desktop

    Like many folks these days, I am wandering around with a stack of devices.   When I have to debug a broken server/computer I end up toting a tablet and smartphone. Now, often I have notes or some research on the tablet or phone and rather than bastard type the commands and deal with that...