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It's amazing that a "company" can invent a shatterproof tablet and yet has difficulty correctly filling out the contact info on their WHOIS.

Admin Name: Elias
Admin Organization: N/A
Admin Street: 1020  <--missing a street name there aren't you?
Admin City: er <emergency room?
Admin State/Province: Other <ah, the 51st state
Admin Postal Code: 100010 <while India uses 6 digit postal index numbers the US uses 5 digit zip codes
Admin Country: US
Admin Phone: +1.389238992 <--area code doesn't exist in the US but does in India
website: 1-333-444-8866 <--area code doesn't exist in the US

Do you really expect anyone to pay $99 to preorder something from a site with fake info?

Will FINO be able to attract customers with this new Shatterproof tablet?

Spamming forums and using fake contact info aren't a good customer acquisition strategy.  
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Hii everyone. 

Good to see you here, just wanted to assure you people that this is not a fake tablet . We are coming soon on IndieGoGo. Besides this, I wanted to make you people familiar about the tab , this is the first shatterproof tablet you might not have met ever. This $99 is the special offer for first 500 subscribers. The actual price is not $99. You can check for shatterproof tablets and will find this the best one with the price affordability and specified features. Check our releases at  <LINK REMOVED - HEP>

Thanks :) 
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Some co-workers and I were talking about this tablet just now, I showed them this spam and their fake company information so they just lost at least half a dozen sales from this thread (and these are co-workers that spend way too much on tablets). Their marketing team should be so proud.
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