1. Awmusic12635

    [HIRING] Guide / Tutorial Writers For Knowledgebase

    Subnet Labs is looking for technical writers to write and submit unique guides and tutorials to expand our knowledgebase.  Requirements: Must be written in correct English with proper grammar Must be fully unique and cannot have been posted elsewhere Must be on a topic not already posted...
  2. HalfEatenPie

    Observium - Monitoring Server and Client Installation Tutorial

    There are a wide range of server and network monitoring software available out there. Just to name a few, you have Munin, Nagios/Icinga, Zabbix, PRTG, and of course ServerStatus by Mojeda and Mun. All those alternatives are fantastic. I could talk about the key benefits of every single...
  3. S

    Installing, configuring & deploying KVM VPS on your dedicated server manually through command line

    This tutorial will guide you how to install, configure & deploy KVM VPS on your dedicated server with using IPv4. I recommend  this only for learning, testing, personal or non-commercial use only. For commercial purposes, you should use a good control panel like SolusVM or Virtualizor. You need...
  4. Roger

    Restrict Access to your Linux Server with TCP Wrappers

    Here we'd like to demonstrate how to secure your Linux system by restricting access using TCP Wrappers (tcpd).    Restricting access to your servers is a critical measure that should not be avoided when setting up your system. It will allow only those networks that you have provided to be safe...
  5. splitice

    SFTP Screenshot Uploader

    How to replace and similar services with a self hosted (via SFTP) variant Requirements / Software:: WinSCP Greenshot A VPS/server with a SSH server (and SFTP support) nginx to serve the images Steps: On your server create the /var/www/image directory (mkdir /var/www/), ensure that...
  6. Roger

    Fix the apt-get install error: “Media change: please insert the disc labeled ...” on Debian

    Introduction ------------ In order to avoid Debian to search for packages on a non-existent CDROM, which is most likely not present on a VPS, you should change a simple parameter on the /etc/apt/sources.list file. You need to modify the aforementioned file if you get an output like this while...
  7. drmike

    Smokeping installation How-to or Tutorial for Debian?

    Looking for a current Debian Squeeze install how-to or tutorial. Smokeping is a latency monitor for TCPIP available devices: Anyone have such a thing they can point me to?
  8. MannDude

    Linux VPS cheat sheet. Linux commands for CentOS/RHEL and Ubuntu/Debian

    Figured this thread could be a handy resource for everyone at all skill-levels. Sometimes you just want to copy and paste a command you've used a hundred times (DD-tests, for example) or are just having a brain fart and forgot how to do something. Well... this thread is for you, my friend! Let's...
  9. drmike

    IPV6 for dummies tutorial 101.

    I am about to embark on some testing of a VPS.  That VPS has IPV6 enabled (tunneled IPV6). This is my first time paying attention to IPV6 (yeah, long overdue). For those here that are IPV6 experienced, could you share some information on common tools for IPV6 (ping6, traceroute for IPV6...
  10. drmike

    OwnCloud Nginx install for Debian

    Does anyone have an OwnCloud + Nginx tutorial that works with current Debian version and standard installation image? Someone recommend an installation that has worked fine lately.  Yes, I want to get familiar with OwnCloud this weekend when I have some deserved down time.
  11. drmike

    Help wanted for technical how-to tutorial for Debian 7 mail server

    Looking for someone to do a complete and reproduce-able tutorial for a mail server solution for Debian 7. The tutorial should cover a standard open source mail package and allow for multiple users and multiple domains.  Additionally, it should handle standard IMAP/POP3/SMTP and have web based...
  12. V

    Best vps tutorial site?

    There are so many vps tutorial sites and I feel that most only have a little bit of content. The one I use most is Linode's library but was wondering if there was something that had a lot of content like Linode's but with different tutorials for different things. Any recommendations?
  13. mikho updates

    Good evening members of this forum! As you might have noticed from my signature I write and maintain a site called The reason for this post is that I updated the theme and layout of the page today/tonight (and it's really late). I have a tendency to miss the most obvious when...