1. rsk

    [KVM/OVZ] - Sexy $7 Deals, FREE FTP+DNS! [DE/US/UK/CZ]

    MyRSK webhosting solutions has entered the budget vps market since over a year now (globally). However, we have been providing webhosting solutions since 2009 locally - in Dubai for young entrepreneurs and startup companies. We are currently holding strong with many, many happy clients :-)  ...
  2. J

    [UK] Pure SSD VPS on KVM/OnApp -

    Offer 5GB of SSD (Intel 520s in Adaptec RAID10) + 1GB of SSD SWAP 768MB DDR3 Memory 2x Intel Xeon E3-1240V2 Cores 150GB Bandwidth on 100Mbps 2x FREE backups to RAID6 NAS 1 IPv4 + IPv6   Features - KVM virtualisation on OnApp control panel - If it's legal and doesn't kill the server...