1. vRozenSch00n

    VestaCP additional protection

    Hi everybody, I'm a little paranoid about my VestaCP installation where my control panel can be accessed through its IP, so I took some steps to harden it a little. First, I check the server's hosts file /etc/hosts to ensure i have the right fqdn (  vcp)...
  2. Jeffrey

    $1/Month 10GB Control Panel Hosting PROMOTION

    To get things up and running smoothly, I have decided to run a promotion over at  Our servers are in OVH-BHS1 in Canada and currently run VestaCP Control Panel.  Our goal is to stick to 100% open-source software while running our project, as we are for open-source projects.  We...
  3. bluearrow

    Mail Problem VestaCP

    I have installed VestaCP twice now and both times mails are not working. I didn't even receive the mail you get when installation finish. This happened twice in different servers so I must be something to do with my installation. Didn't do anything different. Just follow basic installation...
  4. Amitz

    Please help me: VestaCP - Cannot get outgoing mail to work with an external client

    Dear all, I was seeking a free Control Panel for some friends that I host on a VPS and came across VestaCP. I must say that I generally like it very much. Especially that it comes with with nginx included and that it is so reduced and simple. BUT: I am getting crazy trying to get eMail to...
  5. C

    VestaCP web domain IP

    I cant add an domain. IP doesn't show on WEB interface. Can`t either access the domain "" on browser  Is there an tutorial to initial setup to vestacp (after fresh Centos 6.x install)?
  6. T

    VestaCP error when sending email with thunderbird

    Hello, I have a small issue with VestaCP, not sure if you have had the same problem before. I'm trying to send email with thunderbird as my email client, the message I'm getting its the following: An error occurred while sending mail. The mail server responded: Helo name contains a ip address...
  7. wlanboy

    Running your own vestacp instance

    VestaCP is a free and open source contol panel. I am running two instances for about three months and have to admit that I do like it more than zpanel. The basic configuration is solid and the integration of: Nginx SSL SPF and DKIM AntiSpam / Antivirus Backups is really well done...