1. MannDude

    ColoCrossing threatens to sue vpsBoard

    To my surprise, I notice a email in my inbox today from none other than a "Gregory Clark" of Colocrossing threatening to sue vpsBoard for 'libel' in regards to a user made review of one of their companies, HudsonValleyHost. As you can imagine, this came as a bit of shock to me as vpsBoard...
  2. B

    The View New Content page goes blank at times or there are very few latest items shown

    As few others lurking here, I keep watch on the "View New Content" page to see what's going on as I am lazy to go through all the sub-forums. But, I have observed that at times, the list of contents are all gone and only few of the latest posts appear there. Is this happening just for me or has...
  3. drmike

    New Forum Section for Hardware?

    Been wanting for a while to see a section to isolate all the hardware related discussions on vpsBoard.  Hoping to isolate everything from hardware used to run your hosting company, to the latest phones and tablets to new ARM devices to anything vaguely tech related in one nicely stacked forum...
  4. i83

    Typo in new signup message.

    "Are you wanting to post a VPS offer? STOP! New offers are not visible to the public until they're approved by a moderator. You're a new member so you do not have the required number of posts yet to create a public offerr. Please see each offer forums specific rules for posting so you do not...
  5. drmike

    VPSBoard crosses 50k posts

    Congrats to @MannDude, vpsBoard crossed the 50k post mark. Know Mann was saving a bottle of something special for when we reached this milestone. Thanks to all the regulars, the new community members and those of you reading this three years later.
  6. Novacha

    Introducing the official vpsBoard git hosting service (free)

    In collaboration with @MannDude, I have set up a community git service, similar to GitHub. This service uses gitlab to provide project management and is run and hosted by @MannDude. The main intent of this service is to have a local, in-house way to host projects provided by the community...
  7. drmike

    Removing 3rd Party "Spyware" from vpsBoard

    So, I am hyper critical of the sites I visit these days and even more critical of what is within the pages I visit. vpsBoard is one of my favorites, but in light of the NSA, FBI and their spying and entities like Google, Apple, Microsoft, AT&T, Verizon, etc. all being willing co-conspirators to...
  8. ChrisM

    The Official vpsBoard Meme thread.

    I know you all have been waiting for it and wanting to pad your post counts so here it is The official vpsBoard meme thread.  Post as many times as you wish and Enjoy!
  9. B

    Should the community name be VPSBoard or vpsBoard or any other

    VPS, being an acronym, I like to write it in capitals. Same is my view on the community name. What do you guys think about it?
  10. vanarp

    Let's track the ranking of this forum...

    vpsBoard does have Alexa rank of 3,765,392 at this time. Let's keep a watch on how it improves as it becomes popular day by day...   Used below tool to check multiple rankings at once: