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    Inception Hosting - mix of offers, grab a bargain!

    Hi Folks,   Few offers from Inception Hosting, I waited for my last offer to get on to the second page before posting this one as it is similar.   Inception Hosting has been in business since December 2010, it is a UK LTD company owned and operated by me, while the original and primary focus...
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    Miami Madness 16GB VPS mega sale, also 2GB six cores for $6.95!, just have a look.

    Hi Folks, Posted this at the beginning of the week but I forgot to include which specific DC the offers are in so it vanished in to the ether. This is an exclusive offer for VPSBoard to show my support, any and all comments are welcome :) So here goes, all out of coresite Miami/Miami IX 8...
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    Inception Hosting 4GB Xen VPS Miami Madness

    Hi Folks Just the one offer this time it is exclusive to VPSBoard so I hope it is well received. Package: LOCATION: Coresite Miami, Florida, USA CPU Cores: 6 cores equal share (E5-2620) RAM: 4GB SWAP: 4GB HDD: 100 GB (8 disk Raid 10 array) Bandwidth: 2TB @ gbit 1 x IPv4 5 x IPv6 Price...
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    MASSIVE 8GB VPS - Miami Florida -

    Hi Folks, Rather than posting a huge list of offers again this time I thought I would post the big one and try something a little different. Main Offer: Miami Florida USA 8GB Xen VPS 8GB Ram 8GB Swap 8 Cores Equal Share (E5-2620) 200GB Raid 10 disk space (8 drive array) 4TB Bandwidth on...