Miami Madness 16GB VPS mega sale, also 2GB six cores for $6.95!, just have a look.


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Hi Folks,

Posted this at the beginning of the week but I forgot to include which specific DC the offers are in so it vanished in to the ether.

This is an exclusive offer for VPSBoard to show my support, any and all comments are welcome :)

So here goes, all out of coresite Miami/Miami IX

8 Cores (Equal Share)

16 GB Ram

16 GB Swap

400 GB Raid 10 storage

8TB Bandwidth @ gbit

5 x IPv4

5 x IPv6



COUPON CODE: themiami16gb

8 Cores (Equal Share)

8 GB Ram

8 GB Swap

200 GB Raid 10 storage

4 TB Bandwidth @ gbit

4 x IPv4

5 x IPv6



COUPON CODE: themiami8gb

6 Cores (Equal Share)

6 GB Ram

6 GB Swap

160 GB Raid 10 storage

3 TB Bandwidth @ gbit

3 x IPv4

5 x IPv6



COUPON CODE: themiami50

6 Cores (Equal Share)

4 GB Ram

4 GB Swap

100 GB Raid 10 storage

2 TB Bandwidth @ gbit

2 x IPv4

5 x IPv6



COUPON CODE: themiami50

6 Cores (Equal Share)

3 GB Ram

3 GB Swap

80 GB Raid 10 storage

1.5 TB Bandwidth @ gbit

1 x IPv4

5 x IPv6



COUPON CODE: themiami50

6 Cores (Equal Share)

2 GB Ram

2 GB Swap

50 GB Raid 10 storage

1 TB Bandwidth @ gbit

1 x IPv4

5 x IPv6



COUPON CODE: 20484535

Additional information:

No TOR, public proxies, or torrents, irc standard ports are blocked at a network level and this is not something I can change due to the policy in place at the DC NOC.

48 hour refund policy on special offers above.

IPv6 is cogent only currently.

Your VPS will be assigned a single IPv4 if you would like the others as mentioned with the package here then it is by request at no extra change and justification is required.

This may be the last time the 2GB VPS is on such a low price, it is a special offer to promote the Miami location.

Inception Hosting is a registered limited company in the UK, all servers are self managed, semi-management and emergency engineer access is available at €12.50 p/month.

Although all of these offers are in Miami by early 2014 Inception Hosting intends to be offering the same packages in Chicago, UK, and Germany, prices have already been negotiated for the staged roll out.

Thanks for reading.




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It is Xen PV but anything 4GB+ I am always happy to switch to HVM after order for people.

haha, I did that because of another thread here laughing at some other company doing it on WHT :)
Ah, woops! Thought I was doing you a solid by editing your 'typo'... Want me to change it back? :p