MASSIVE 8GB VPS - Miami Florida -


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Hi Folks,

Rather than posting a huge list of offers again this time I thought I would post the big one and try something a little different.

Main Offer:

Miami Florida USA


8GB Ram

8GB Swap

8 Cores Equal Share (E5-2620)

200GB Raid 10 disk space (8 drive array)

4TB Bandwidth on shared gbit port

2 x IPv4 (Second on request with justification)

5 x IPv6 (More available for free)


100% Tier-1 Gogent
8GB at $160. Yeah that's not going to get gobbled up for sure.

Hate to sound like el cheapo, but $160 is dedicated server pricing to provide multiple VMs.
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I would like an 128mb RAM VPS with you in The Netherlands, payment by 6 months.

Please PM.
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