2xTranscend 8GB DDR3 REG ECC modules [UK]


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Hello folks,

I'll be honest, I bought these RAM sticks without looking at all, it was only until I got the package and opened it and looked on the sticker did I notice my mistake and that was after the 7 day EU cooling off period thingamajig and I've only got one computer/server in this house that supports this RAM but doesn't need it.

The packaging has been opened but it is still in an unused state with lifetime manufacturer warranty (Transcend), pictures were taken and was packaged back within an hour.

The sticks are as follows:

2 x Transcend 8GB DDR3 1333Mhz REG-DIMM CL9 (16GB total)

TS1GKR72V3N is the model number.


I will put it out for a fairly competitve price, most likely not to be beaten anywhere else, these sticks RRP at around £100 GBP per module. I will be selling it for £69.99 for both modules (16GB) excluding delivery which you can choose (Royal Mail will be about £4 for signedFor delivery).

If you are interested, shoot a PM or contact me with one of the methods in my profile or humza[at]infinitymedia.org.uk.

Of course at this price for the protection of the buyer we will process the transaction through eBay or Amazon, take your pick! If neither are an option we can go manually via Stripe.

I will only deliver to UK addresses unfortunately.

If there are any questions don't hesitate to PM me or catch me on Skype as shown in my profile.

Yes for transparencies sake; I did post this on WHT too but the price here is lower because I like this place better. :)

- Humza


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If only it were DDR2, and if you'd ship the the US. I have some Dell Precision 390 machines that could use this.


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Damn.  Too bad you don't ship to US.  This would have been a nice step in the direction of upgrading my workstation to 128GB RAM.


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I guess I could ship to the US but I would assume the shipping fees would be a bit crazy. Whereabouts in the US? :)