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I also didn't find any trace of this project mentioned anywhere on vpsBoard. Topic title says it all.


I think this a great project. They are always looking for providers to sponser their POPs. This is a great opertunity for VPS providers to get some exposure.


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Hate the domain name for some reason, but seems like a cool project. May give it a whirl.


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It is pronounced as js(jay es) Deliver. The best thing I could think of at the moment :)

Let me know if you have any questions.

Yeah, it's fine really, it's just the appearance of the domain :p 

Also, thanks for bringing this service to us. :)


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Its been a while but I wanted to keep you guys updated.

Looking for:

  • JS coders for CloudFlare App (simple stuff) and for the website (bugs/optimization).
  • node.js coders for the auto-updating app. Already started but all help is welcomed. Also for npm module (existing code)
  • PHP coders to improve the website as they see fit.
  • Advanced PHP coders to work on existing WordPress plugin
  • Web designers to port website from Bootstrap 2 to 3.1
  • People with ideas!


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Just wanted to let you know that jsDelivr now has a new provider. CloudFlare joined our sponsors.

Also some cool graphs:



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I don't think many peoples would host with it ... right now its just all so technically difficult ...  try focusing on makings it's operational interface as easy as cloud-flare ... then the project should succeed too like the multi million dollar level ;)


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I haven't had a chance to "check it out", but it does seem like an interesting project - thanks in advance!