American Telco Privacy Non Existent


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With all the security issues going on, and all the posts on this forum regarding government data collection, i thought you would all find this article interesting. 

U.S. Telcos Have Never Challenged NSA Demands for Your Metadata

“To this date, no holder of records who has received an Order to produce bulk telephony metadata has challenged the legality of such an Order,” reads the ruling. “Indeed, no recipient of any Section 215 Order has challenged the legality of such an Order, despite the explicit statutory mechanism for doing so.”


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Never challenged it.

Funny considering the mud slinging between Yahoo and Google about same privacy violations and cooperation from the upstream data provider layer.

None of these corps ever argue with the government.   Customers should take note and start mass exodus to private and self operated services and use tons of encryption here onward.

These are the outcomes when you have bastardized corporations with indefinite charters and no personal liability.


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To be honest I've never trusted an organization to care about my privacy. I've always considered privacy a personal responsibility. I also can't expect an organization to challenege "authority", whether they are right or wrong.


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What's the big deal? They can look at my search history all they want - nothing interesting there...



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But. You looked up a ground squirrel. That MUST be related to a terrorist attack!!!