Any interest in 525GB KVM Storage?


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Anyone interest in the below? Anything you'd like changed / modified? It'd be a special of course.


Specs will be:



1 vCPU shared (Xeon E3 V3)


525GB RAID50 storage (Enterprise WD HDD + LSI RAID card + BBU)

2100GB bandwidth (shared Gigabit)



Location: Dallas, Texas


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@Pmadd, No additional restrictions will be put in place for these plans. There are no caveats as long as your usage falls in-line with our existing ToS. We have the exact same policy on our other storage plans which are working out great for our other customers.


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Put up the order form :)
So far it's an expression of interest. We ordered 30+ E3s and will be using them for various purposes. They are currently being built and shipped. Once they arrived, we'll put it up. Hopefully no delays. Looks like some interest.

We run new E3s etc here, so less CPU limited - a lot more room for everyone, hence not as many restrictions.


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Would be interested in one with an unmetered (maybe capped & downgraded with a fair use policy) port. Don't want to pay for overages on backup.


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This should be good. I'm interested with this one if ever this plan pushes through. 
Definitely will. I know we asked about Windows KVM earlier -- it will launch along with this. We've delayed doing that just to build better infrastructure first. Linux KVM will also be available at the same time.


Cool! I currently have the 200gb Storage VPS with you, so I'll upgrade to this one as soon as it's released :)


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I'll take one. :)

Edit: I meant for the original pricing, not OVH like pricing.
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