1. F

    GitLab: Time to Leave the Cloud (bare-metal vs shared-environment virtualization)

    What we found is that the cloud was not meant to provide the level of IOPS performance we needed to run an agressive system like CephFS. ... The problem with CephFS is that in order to work, it needs to have a really performant underlaying infrastructure because it needs to read and write...
  2. W

    EU Unmanaged VPS - £8 or $10/month! 4 GB RAM, 200 GB Storage, 5TB Transfer, Anti-DDoS

    All our VPS plans comes with Anti-DDoS protection and we do offer price match guarantee on our unmanaged VPS range. Basic Custom Plan - SpecialGuaranteed RAM: 4096MB (4GB)Disk Space: 200GBBandwidth: 5000GB on 1 Gbps port*Dedicated IP (IPv4): 2Dedicated IP (IPv6): 50CPU: 6 vCPU Fair UseControl...
  3. ikoula

    [New ikoula service] Synology Diskstation DS115j 2Tb 100mbits 14.99€/Month

    Hello, i agree that is not a dedi but the usage is so close i allowed myself to post it here, if that's not right be my guest Mr moderator and move it :) We offer a new storage service based on Synology Diskstation DS115j Specifications -Marvell Armada 370 processor -256 MB Ram -2 TB...
  4. HalfEatenPie

    Seagate faces class-action lawsuit over 3TB hard drive failure rates

    Full Article: My only response to this is: lol.
  5. lbft

    Amazon drops Glacier pricing and releases new cheap S3 storage option - Infrequent Access Amazon's Glacier is cheap (1 cent per GB per month) but it comes with long waits to retrieve data, and retrieval costs can jump quite high if you pull a lot of your data at once (like...
  6. RaidLogic.NET

    RaidLogic.NET - (OpenVZ/XEN - Linux/Windows - VPS 50% off use promocode

    RaidLogic.NET by DTS-NET  Virtual Private Server line is the ideal solution for clients who require the control of a dedicated server matched with the affordability and simplicity of a traditional shared hosting account. Look over our plans, standard features and customization options. You can...
  7. haloelite3

    Vacation Private Servers VPS OPEN VZ - £4/month 2GB Ram, 50 GB Storage, 1TB Monthly Bandwidth - Base

    Good day, Vacation Private Servers Website My name is James Holliday and I am the CEO of Vacation Private Servers and we are a small company with a dream of becoming a larger more successful business over a period of time. We recently launched about 2 weeks ago however I promise that I have...
  8. blergh

    Looking for storage-box(es)

    Herro! I'm looking to buy at least one storage-box with minimum 36TB(or more) raw storage. I'm only interested in offers within Europe unless there's a super-deal to be had. No colo-contracts, I just need the box+hw. PM me your offers and price.
  9. HalfEatenPie

    Self-hosted Distributed Storage

    Alright so lets talk about this. Anyone know a good and easy way to create a self-hosted distributed storage system? This can either be a local cluster (via LAN), or one through the interweb (aka like hooking up a bunch of cloud servers up to make a distributed storage).   I think it'd be...
  10. mothership1

    New Cloud Hosting Summer Offer From Mothership1

    Mothership1 is an innovative cloud platform for virtual machines and storage. Mothership1 is active now for some months. We want to thank all first customers, that helped us improving the service. For those who did not test us yet, we have prepared a new limited offer! For a limited time, we...
  11. fixidixi

    How do you manage/organize/store your config files for your servers?

    Hy, I'd like to ask if you have any toughts on how server configurations should be stored, managed,archived etc. just store it in some version control system? Thanks for your input :) so far ive stored all the config files on my pc and synced them accross a backup vps, my laptop and a cloud...
  12. C

    Storage KVM/XEN

    Hello, i am searching for a KVM or Xen VPS with at least 512MB Ram, 80GB Disk space and 2TB Bandwidth. My budget is $45/yr. Is this possible, and if so where can i get one?
  13. drmike

    Storage VPS New Jersey - Choopa

    Looking for various storage VPS options in New Jersey.   Choopa / Reliable preferred, but other options considered.   New York City metro or low latency thereto is fine.  So places like most of NJ, good bit of New England, Philadephia, etc. are suitable. Looking for 100GB of storage or larger...
  14. blergh

    Looking for cheap storage

    Herro, I'm looking for a cheap dedi within Europe that has at least 12TB storage. I have already checked OVH/Hetzner and it's somewhat out of my budget/spec's. TL;DR LOTSA DRIVES Shit hardware Decent network ?? CHEAP! (Sub 100€) Now, halp!
  15. concerto49

    Any interest in 525GB KVM Storage?

    Anyone interest in the below? Anything you'd like changed / modified? It'd be a special of course.   Specs will be:   KVM 1 vCPU shared (Xeon E3 V3) 512MB RAM 525GB RAID50 storage (Enterprise WD HDD + LSI RAID card + BBU) 2100GB bandwidth (shared Gigabit) $7/month   Location: Dallas...
  16. Amitz

    Your backup/storage VPS recommendations in the EU?

    Howdy fellows, I am looking for your recommendation concerning reliable storage/backup VPS providers in the EU. Specs: 256+ MB RAM 60+ GB RAID-HDD 100mbps+ Port 200 GB+ Traffic Virtualization could be OpenVZ, Xen, KVM. I would prefer every location that is NOT in the UK for...