Anyone want to test a VPS?


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Hey all, 

I'm setting up a new vps node and I was wondering if anyone would want to try one out?



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Good luck with that. We've had a server there. The quarantine time went just fine (before putting up a server under production on a new DC, we have a procedure to get 1 server running heavy processing for an entire month). After putting up the server in production, there were several network problems. IPv6 not working at all. Well, prices are quite low, but you get what you pay for.



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@LusoVPS - Well, it's a personal server so it's not a big deal if it's not perfect. However uptime and network performance are of great importance to me and WSI has delivered a great service for a great price, at least for me. I have had 100% uptime.

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In my (brief) experience with the server, I got over 40MB/s download speed, when the server was only 100Mbit. I'd say that's a decent network :)