BGP Hijacking Last Year Led to Coin Thefts


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[SIZE=medium]Over the course of four months, threat actors managed to make tens of thousands of dollars by redirecting the connections of cryptocurrency miners to mining pools they control, the research team at Dell SecureWorks' Counter Threat Unit reported on Thursday.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]According to researchers, the attackers compromised 51 pools at a total of 19 hosting companies, including Amazon, Digital Ocean, OVH, ServerStack, EGIHosting, Choopa, LeaseWeb and B2 Net Solutions.[/SIZE]

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Stumbled upon this doing some other research.  Some interesting names among those....

Including B2 Net (Servermania) who dangles purely off of ColoCrossing's network.

You have ahh Digital Ocean in there, but no one brings mention to the Uretsky brothers other companies and prior companies... Wonder why?
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