ChicagoVPS | 2 NEW LOCATIONS! | Dallas, New Jersey | $4 1GB VPS


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ChicagoVPS has recently expanded to serve clients at two new locations - Dallas, TX and Piscataway, NJ (NYC/NJ area).
    We have a promotion exclusively for VPSBoard in these two locations!
    1024MB (1GB) Dedicated Ram
    30 GB Diskspace
    1.5 TB Monthly Bandwidth
    100Mbit Port
    2x IPv4 Addresses
    Instant Setup
    Free Backups
    Discounted Price: $4/month using promo code "VPSBOARD"
    Order in Piscataway, NJ -
    Order in Dallas, TX -
    Free 25 Slot Mohawk Voice Server if you order the above VPS -
    Free Monitoring:
    FREE Central Backups - Included Standard!
    FREE Automated Weekly Node Backups - Included Standard!
    FREE DNS Hosting - Included Standard!
    Network Test:

    Piscataway, New Jersey -
    Dallas, Texas -


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IPV4 shortages and you are giving 2 IPs on a $4 VPS?

All that Biloh IP hording sure comes in handy :)


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IPV4 hording is called growth?  This isn't anything new.   I know which provider has C classes for spamming if I ever need one.

I grew up before you were born bubba.


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Its called growth, something you know nothing about in Business, or your life.
You need to relax. I do not seem to get it, you easily get set off, they are just stating what they are thinking about. it could be right, it could be wrong. If there is something that I learned from being a provider is that your image comes before anything else. Make a good impression.

Good luck.


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Not the IPV6 :)  It's a very long running joke about them and IPV6.  Unsure what the hold up is, but it's legendary comedy.

With all the IPV4 addresses they have been amassing and the shortages, probably nearing a cashout/profitability on the IPV4 addresses shortly.


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My theory: They amass all the clients they can on long contracts and get them to buy a ton of ip4 addresses and not provide an ipv6 option, then boom! they'll raise ip4 pricing and cash out.

Could be wrong, but it certainly sounds like CC.
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As of last week, I no longer have any VPSes on ColoCrossing's network. This offer could be for a free VPS and I wouldn't take it since it would mean I'd be back on.
Aldryic thanking this reminded me that I do have one VPS with BuyVM in NY. Not Colocrossing's IPs, but their network :( Oh well, I'm not about to ditch a perfectly good yearly. At least it has



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This is a friendly reminder to our community members and to our providers to please be courteous to each other.  

In unofficial/less professional terms: Chill out yall.  
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I dont see anything about port speeds. Neither are there any test files.

How much do you sell a VPS cpanel license at?