1. drmike

    ChicagoVPS taken over by ColoCrossing

    ChicagoVPS has been traded to or taken over by ColoCrossing.   Expect ChicagoVPS to show up nested under Hudson Valley Host.   Where all the bad Lowend companies get sent. I am not going to poke the particulars, but this isn't new.  What is new apparently is the exclusive control over the...
  2. drmike

    SpamVPS, the industry leading 2GB for a peso brand BBB

    Fun thread on LET right now with humans amassing to teach ChicagoVPS about spamming and this incessant emailing of CRAZY OFFERS --- even LET mods are in on it: If you ever made the mistake of buying from CVPS or they somehow opted you...
  3. drmike

    Yet another ChicagoVPS backup issue

    Stumbled into this in my pile of stuff a bit ago.  Unsure if it appeared elsewhere yet. Yet another ChicagoVPS loses data claim with no backups in place. Entirely unsure if the customer was using their "optional but included" Central Backup solution.  Multiple days, ticket hockey... etc. I...
  4. drmike

    BlueVM's domain name was hijacked

    URL: New Wave NetConnect Acquires Blue VM Communications New Wave NetConnect, a Velocity Server / ColoCrossing Company Acquires Blue VM Communications We’re excited to announce another addition to New Wave NetConnect LLC, the company behind market leader ChicagoVPS, has...
  5. Kris

    B2 Net Solutions (ColoCrossing) and ChicagoVPS Spam

    I avoid making new topics. But while Biloh is at WHT spouting bullshit about cleaning up, spam is getting worse. When migrating and setting up a new server tonight that had spam issues previously, I had SpamHaus and BarracudaCentral enabled and decided to see what got through if it needed...
  6. libro22

    ChicagoVPS acquires 123systems

    Received the notice a few minutes ago:
  7. drmike

    Up Next: laaev, in other words, leave or left Velocity / Colocrossing / ChicagoVPS

    laaev  what an interesting word. You plug it into Google and #1 result is:   Key word VELOCITY.  Velocity.. hmmm how about Velocity Servers, or ahem subsidiary ColoCrossing.... What is this riddle?  It's a fun one.   Someone changed their username over on Lowendtalk or LET changed it for...
  8. drmike

    Dear Spamhaus, why can't you group providers right?

    Dear Spamhaus, Why can't you group providers right? Spamhaus is a site all the company owners around here are likely familiar with.  Lists bad behaving networks with spam activity.  Groups of dirty IPs. That shows, 18 current entries...
  9. drmike

    ChicagoVPS review of customer passwords from database dumps

    ChicagoVPS' highly publicized hacks and subsequent database dumps continue to horrify customers and yield more insight into ChicagoVPS. "CVPS Machine Passwords CVPS Email Passwords - A good friend got me a partially cracked dump of Chicago VPS data. This has been ran through the new, modular...
  10. drmike

    ChicagoVPS hacked SolusVM, Bypassed Licensing, and is Running Illegal Cracked Copies of Solus

    Information has been swirling about ChicagoVPS, and SolusVM for the past two months roughly. As some will recall, ChicagoVPS blamed Solus in the past for their hacks, and subsequent database dumps of CVPS' Solus information to the public. See: ; and...
  11. drmike

    AzzaVPS sold for not quite the price of a dedicated server - ChicagoVPS dumps deal

    Current thread over on that LET site. TL;DR - AzzaVPS sold to ChicagoVPS.  No real details or timeline, so far.  Deal was for the price of a dedicated server. Fabozzi exited deal / didn't follow through. Bad business practice
  12. drmike

    ChicagoVPS Offers Shooters Targets

    Show your support... can be used any way you please....  They said it... Time to order some and take them shooting. ChicagoVPS Sticker (969 Available) Show your support with a ChicagoVPS Logo sticker! Can be used any way you please. 3" x 3" Sticker. Price includes postage ( US and CA ONLY...
  13. drmike

    Chris Fabozzi of ChicagoVPS wanted to start a data center with who?

    So, since it came up in another thread around here and probably isn't known so widely... The Chris Fabozzi email to someone years ago about  collaborating to open a datacenter.. This email: The magical other person that Fabozzi was chattering to was: Avante.... ChrisK's former company...
  14. DigitalPure

    Chris Fabozzi from ChicagoVPS can you reply to YOUR tickets?

    Chris, I guess I am going to need to ask you here if you can reply to tickets that are assigned to you and you ask for data.   You asked on 2/10/14 for data, and 1hr later I resupplied you with the needed data.  Now after 5 more replies you just closed out the ticket and have done nothing to...
  15. drmike

    BlueVM Change of Ownership?

  16. J


    Soooo... who remembers this thread on LowEndTalk? I was bored yesterday, and I figured I'd dig a little. And guess what I found? Have a look at the page that the above thread refered to, and be sure to note the date: Well, big deal, right? That WHOIS data must be from before Chris...
  17. J

    ChicagoVPS reaching new levels of desperation

    Just got this e-mail from ChicagoVPS... we really want you back, just pre-pay for 3 years! Wasn't 3-year prepayment informally considered the "deadpool mark" back in LEA days?
  18. drmike

    How not to run a company and public relations - ChicagoVPS

    Colocrossing has the house VPS front company running for, oh three days now as the last offer. No offer bias on LowEndBox :)  Yeppers, ChicagoVPS is lingering like a rotting corpse in the summer sun.  Total stop action public trainwreck. The comments on the LEB offer are horrendous and Fabozzi...
  19. drmike

    ChicagoVPS SSL certificate has been revoked

    Link: , which linked directly from CVPS homepage under Client Area. Unable to complete secure transaction You tried to access the address, which is currently unavailable. Please make sure that the web address (URL) is correctly...
  20. drmike

    ChicagoVPS last hack forensic observation

    While looking at data earlier for the UGVPS = ChicagoVPS piece, something dawned on me. I am pretty sure ChicagoVPS back in June was running their Solus public access from Chicago. Interesting tidbit about that is within the file that circulated with the database. Last bit of time data points...