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    Feb 12, 2014
    CompleteVPN - A secure, fast, reliable VPN with multiple locations. We now accept BTC payments (please open support ticket).

    Want to give us a shot? Try us out for less than $1 for a whole day! Order now:

    Looking for a nice monthly VPN? Our Open-Port Monthly VPN will help you! Portforwarding enabled. Order now:

    Don't need open ports? Well, we have a closed port option also! Order now:

    We accept PayPal directly on our site, to pay with a cryptocurrency like BTC please open a ticket.

    Network Information

    Texas - ISP: Eonix Corporation 

    Chicago - ISP: Genesis Adaptive

    New York - ISP: ColoCrossing

    LA - ISP: QuadraNet

    UK 1 & 2 - ISP:

    Netherlands - ISP: Serverius

    Need more information? Feel free to open a support ticket!