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The Irrational One
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So I've always been a big fan of the Computerphile account on Youtube.  They have some pretty basic but still interesting videos on stuff that's 100% related to our interests.

Well, recently I've been writing parts of my thesis and decided to procrastinate by watching some of these videos again.  Anyways I think I'll just let this video explain itself:

Funny thing, the very watered-down and basic statistical part that was mentioned in the video is essentially what my research topic is, except it's applied to real world forecasting (there are many statistical applications in this world!!!).  

Anyways, thought that was just an interesting video that I'd share.  This one too btw:

D. Strout

Resident IPv6 Proponent
Been subscribed from the beginning :) Computerphile is a "sister channel" to Numberphile, which discusses interesting individual numbers as well as number theory. Good stuff.