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I have an Amazon Chase card, just because I figure if I can get free stuff for doing what I'm already doing, why not?

But this...
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For personal credit cards, check out the Fidelity American Express - 2% cash back on everything.  I've been very happy with it.  I use it pretty much like cash, as I pay off the balance each month when the statement is generated.


This. I pay with cash. I also have a debit card for online payments. I've never spent a single dollar i don't have and never taken any loans. And i don't plan to start doing it either.
Same here. I use a Visa Electron for all my online payments. It takes directly out of my bank account and lets me receive payments as well.


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Same here.

Cash. Or Visa Debit for online purchases (unless PayPal is supported)


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Visa for online purchases where PayPal isn't accepted.

As the others have said, I don't spend money I don't have.


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I use temporary VCC which my bank allows me to create with an amount limit. These are one use mastercard and I feel quite safe using it online :D


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I've 2 CC and I'm really happy with my cc, never reach my limit :p

I use CC as source of fund for PP, because paypal don't allow debit card from my country.


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Currently using a PerkStreet Debit Card, and only using a credit card if I absolutely have to. Working on paying down some debts.


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I have a Visa card, issued by SBI(State Bank of India), which I got hold of after so much trouble. Was a student that time, the bank authorities don't know how it works and the procedures to apply for one. Had to put an Fixed deposit as a security and it took all the money I had at that time.

If I can't afford to buy something, I don't need it.
Its not always the case. For me to make an outside country payment to purchase something, including VPS, the Debit cards don't work and I was forced to get a Credit Card.


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Visa debit card (Chase bank) cause I have to have it. Cash for everyday spending. American Express prepaid for online purchase.


I am in the same boat as most of you guys. I have a bank issued Visa debit card, a PayPal account, and cash/checks. If I can't afford it, then I'm not getting it until I can.


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Is a wise statement that is much greater than my justification for what is now a maxed out credit card because I am never to be trusted with money. Limit is low, not exactly a problem, but a lesson learned   This is why Ryan handles billing and I've opted not to touch it.

I had this problem until I got married, women are much better at the saving part...  I'm almost completely out of debt, just paying off her wedding ring now ;)  She's a good saver but she likes nice things..