[Dallas] Centarra - 45U / 20A@208V A+B / 125Mbps 95th% / Free IPs - 100% Power and Network SLA!


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Verified Provider

We are pleased to offer vpsBoard readers a special offer as a result of completing our datacenter expansion in Dallas.

Centarra Networks utilizes Digital Realty's 2323 Bryan facility in Dallas for all colocation offers.  Our entire facility is built around redundancy, offering full A+B power and A+B network, as well as 24x7 on-site staff, in one of Dallas's premier buildings.  We are presently working on building out a number of innovative features in which will bring an unmatched colocation experience for our customers.

Dallas full cab colocation

  • 45U locking cabinet
  • 20A@208V A+B Redundant power feeds, UPS & generated backed feeds
  • 125Mbps of BGP blended bandwidth (2 x 1G bandwidth drop going to separate switches)
  • /24 IPv4 Allocation, /48 IPv6 Allocation
  • SSAE 16 SOC2 Certified Building
  • $1350/month, Free Setup with a minimum of a one year term
  • 5-10 days typical lead time
  • If you bring your own IPs with valid LOA, we will remove $50/month off the cabinet price.

  • 10G ports: $100/monthly + $150 setup. No minimum commit needed.
Network Info

  • View bandwidth graphs in our customer portal as well as issue null routes.
  • Automatic null-routes on large DDoS attacks (automatic mitigation under development, launching Q1-2014)
  • Noction optimized network, featuring a TRILL-based aggregation layer powered by the Brocade VDX 8700 series aggregation fabric
  • A unique network blend avoiding the local highly congested carriers
Datacenter Location
2323 Bryan Street Suite 1120
Dallas, Texas

Biometric passes are used inside the building, loading dock and freight elevator.
24/7/365 unescorted access via a biometric pass is available, with easy in and out,
no guidance required.

If needed you can cross connect to many other providers.

Centarra operates a dark fiber ring between several locations in the Dallas metro, 2323 Bryan and 1950 Stemmons included, we can provide connections to almost any major facility in the area.

Summarized AUP

  • No specific content restrictions
  • Adult allowed
  • IRC allowed
  • Mass-mailing of any kind without our express consent is not allowed
  • Illegal activity is not allowed

To order, send me or ChrisK a PM, or contact [email protected].
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