Dark VPN - Cheapest Dedicated IP VPN that You Can Pay Monthly - Unlimited Device - Renewable


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We offer you the cheapest Dedicated IP VPN that you can pay monthly!
Yup, you heard it right! There are many providers who claim to give you the cheapest dedicated IP VPN, but it turns out they offer it if you buy their service for a year! No, we don't do that. We give you a service that you can pay it monthly!

Dark VPS has been known to be in business for more then 4 years, and now we give you another great service that you can compare with others.

What we offer:

Dedicated IP VPN - Dark VPN
  • Dedicated IP
  • 1Gbps Port
  • Private, you are the only one who use it, we won't share it!
  • 1000GB Bandwidth Allowed
  • Unlimited Device
  • Location
    - USA - Los Angeles
    - USA - New York
    - USA - Atlanta
    - USA - Chicago
    - USA - Dallas
    - Mexico - Mexico City
    - USA - Miami
    - Singapore
    - Japan - Tokyo
    - India - Mumbai
    - South Korea - Seoul
    - Sweden - Stockholm
    - England - London
    - Netherland - Amsterdam
    - Germany - Frankfurt
    - Spain - Madrid
    - France - Paris
    - Poland - Warsaw
  • You can pay monthly!
  • Can be used for torrent?
  • Can open any sites?
  • Can access sites with no censorship?
  • Can access streaming, Youtube, Netflix?
  • Good for gaming?
    Yes. Depend on your game's server location
  • Can I have a trial?
    Yes, for a day
Term of Service for Dark VPN Dedicated IP:
  1. All illegal activities are prohibited, such as: hacking, cracking, carding, spamming, phising etc.
  2. VPN can only be used by you.
  3. Our VPN using Dedicated IP, any activities you did that make the IP blocked will be excluded from refund.
  4. Any complain from 3rd party regarding your activities will result in investigation and lead to account banned.
  5. Violation to the TOS can lead to suspension and no refund given!
How to order:
contact: [email protected]


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Promo is over, but we still provide cheapest dedicated IP VPN that you can pay monthly!